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Periods Don’t Have to Suck — 5 Ways to Make Them Easier

CBD for Period Pain

By Jen Engevik

We all know those days… waking up feeling like we’ve been hit by trucks. Or worse yet, tossing and turning all night and having to get up numerous times to tend to cramps that make us feel too vulnerable for words.

What I’ve learned over time is that I have more power than I ever knew. As a young woman, I just remember my Mom telling me that having cramps is just a part of it all. She experienced them herself… and honestly back then it wasn’t common to think deeply about food and other factors played into it all.

But thankfully, things are changing. We’re all waking up to the knowledge that what we put into our bodies and how we treat ourselves can play a HUGE ROLE in things like cramps, breast cancer, other forms of cancer, diabetes, and more.

It’s all so fascinating, really. So let’s jump into some things all women should be aware of…

#1 – Gluten & Wheat Can Wreak Havoc

Yes, it’s true. Gluten and wheat

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